Herbal Antibiotic Alternatives In Your Kitchen

At Herbalremedytips.com, we have gathered healthcare experts’ recommendations of some of the best natural disinfectants against viruses and bacteria with herbal antibiotics prominently available in almost every home. The suggested remedies can be either topical or ingested, and cost just a fraction of modern antibiotics. We provide a detailed guide on how you can use each antibiotic ingredient and for which ailment. The host of associated illnesses that come with using drugs have increased to need go back to basics and use healthier alternatives. Read on further to find out more about natural antibiotics.

Choosing Herbal Remedies Over Drugs

Doctors have been able to get rid of infections with powerful antibiotics like Amoxil, Cipro, Levaquin, and Monodox. While drugs help kill bacteria, there are many counter effects that cause harm in the long-term. Medications work well but sometimes too well as they also kill the good bacteria in the body that help it to function efficiently. Patients who develop tolerance to drugs will need higher dosages to receive complete treatment. The drug course should be completed fully to prevent the infection from returning. Bacteria can also develop resistance to drugs with long-term use. All these issues have long-term adverse effects on a person’s health. Mild side effects that patients experience may be allergic reactions, nausea, or diarrhea. Prolonged drug use can cause kidney dysfunction like formation of stones, and blood disorders.

Herbal remedies can provide the required cure without all these adverse ailments. Natural antibiotics can perform the function of drugs with added benefits like boosting a person’s immunity. Herbal supplements target and kill only the harmful bacteria without destroying good bacteria. When consumed or used in moderation, natural therapies have almost no side effects. Some herbals can be consumed as part of a person’s diet, while others can be used as gels or topical creams to treat the infected areas. As you read ahead, we share with you which kitchen staples can be your best defense against infections.

The Kitchen Vault of Natural Antibiotics

Natural therapies can be found in the form of some common kitchen ingredients. Some crucial information can help you in choosing the right natural antibiotics and stocking up on those products.

The go-to antibacterial ingredient that packs a punch is garlic. Consuming few cloves of raw garlic every day can clear the digestive tract from harmful bacteria, virus and fungal infections. It attacks micro-parasites, prevents fat from oxidizing, and aids digestion.

Ginger possesses natural antibiotic properties that kill food borne pathogens. Fresh grated ginger or herbal tea can trigger acid production in the stomach to aid any kind of indigestion problem.

The wonder spice that battles all infections is turmeric. It can be consumed by adding it to curries and soups. Turmeric can also effectively treat skin infections when applied topically as creams for healing wounds and as masks for treating acne.

Honey is another natural source of antibiotic properties. Researchers have proven its effectiveness in fighting a variety of bacterial strains. Organic honey can be ingested for curing any stomach ailment and also applied on skin infections. Additionally, honey can also fight bacteria that build plaque on teeth.

Extracts from the Echinacea plant is known to naturally treat a wide range of infections like the common cold, flu, urinary infections, yeast infections, gum disease, malaria, typhoid, etc. Echinacea has properties similar to that of garlic and apart from eliminating infections they also boost immunity.

Oregano oil is a treasure among natural antibiotics as antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-parasitic. Extracts from grapefruit seeds and tea tree oil also fight against harmful bacteria and parasites.

The natural therapies suggested should not be considered as substitutes for medical treatment in cases of severe infection. Consult your physician before withdrawing any ongoing medication.